Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 54

Ha, I left out a very important detail last week. Elder Tay is my companion! I'm sure you all know by now, though. It's been awesome - I feel I have such a great relationship with Singapore now :D. We get along great -- He reminds me so much of my best friend 之一, Elder Nicholas Harrison. And I know that the Lord has taken care of me musically throughout my mission. Who else gets to sing SATB hymns with his district, play string duets, and be with musical companions almost every transfer? He plays the piano and organ, so we had a musical number yesterday for the baptism they had for a Liu jm. I shook her hand for the first time seconds before the baptism picture, so it didn't have too much meaning, but it was great to be in a baptismal service again. LongTan is doing great. Of course, it'll need our hard work, but the people here are great and I'm loving the work. I found out my MTC companion, Elder Xie lives in BaDe which is the area right next to ours. It's great to be serving the people of TaoYuan! In the District I have 10 people, which has been a little harder for me, but so far so good. Elder Tay has been a huge help and blessing to me. He's really good at getting everything done and helping me whenever I need it (which is a lot). I have 2 new trainee sisters that Jonathan taught at the MTC. They both say they loved him as a teacher and learned a lot from him. I hope they're doing well and adjusting well. It's a little harder for me to know how the sisters are doing. It's especially harder in this district because other than district meeting, I never see my district. LongTan is a 40 minute bus ride from everyone else. In TaiDong, I would see my district every day, and so building a good relationship with each of them was super easy. But here I only have phone calls and district meeting to get to know them and their needs. But I know the Lord will still find a way for me to fulfill my calling out here in LongTan. That's all for this week. Love you all, and am praying for you! -Elder Liu